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Quality and future viability

Spacious and flexible office space in a light-flooded architectural structure with modern fixtures and fittings.

Plano in Berlin-Schöneberg near the EUREF Campus, Schöneberger Linse, Park am Gleisdreieck and Tempelhofer Feld is a new building with around 14,500 m² of space for progressive, quality working environments that are viable for the future.

Plano at a glance

3.700 m² on one level

Undisturbed teamwork on every floor, open and comfortable working environments. The exceptional feature of Plano is the surface of approximately 3,700 m² on one level, which makes communication easier and increases motivation.

Sustainable staying qualities

Spacious, double-storey entrances, bright and open workspaces, certification by DGNB and WiredScore: Plano is an address of classic-modern and sustainable architecture that offers its users high-quality stays in a lively environment.

Large floors

Flexible space designs, spacious working areas, room heights of 3.00 metres and around 3.95 metres on the ground floor: Plano offers office space of approximately 220 to 3,700 m² per floor and is thus able to fulfil a tenant's wish for large-scale space on one floor.

Ideal accessibility

Whether a bike path, local or city rails, the long-distance railway or motorway, Plano has excellent connections to various transportation hubs. In the underground car park, it also has parking spaces for 70 cars (15 of them with charging stations), 70 bicycles, electric bikes and electric scooters. Above ground there is space for 16 bicycles as well as cargo bikes in front of the entrances.

Functional working environments

Green inner courtyards and roof terraces, incorporation of accessibility, functional layouts, large and openable windows: Plano is a modern building, which offers space to meet the high demands of the work of the future.

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Optimal working environment

Keyless access, green roofs, comfort and communal areas, pragmatic floor plan design and innovative heating and cooling ceilings in the office areas.

Plano offers up to 3,700 m² of rental space per floor. An opportunity for both a large user group around the landscaped courtyards and flexibility for further subdivision.

Perfect accessibility

Located within Berlin’s urban railway circuit, Plano is very well connected to numerous hubs of local, long-distance and individual public transport, such as the bike bicycle highway between Berlin-Mitte and Südkreuz or the motorway. Various urban railway and underground stations are within walking distance.

Lunch Break Radius

Diversity and relaxation

10 minutes by bike to the Tempelhofer Feld recreational area and the Gleisdreieck and Viktoria parks, or the Bergmannkiez neighbourhood.

Plano is located in the midst of diverse quarters of the city as well as a variety of open and green areas that are the perfect location for lunch or creative breaks.

1) Park am Gleisdreieck - 5/10min
2) Yorckschlösschen - 12/7min
3) Bergmann Kiez - 7/15min
3) Bergmann Kiez - 7/15min
5 ) Café Trainspot - Takeout - 3/6min
6 ) LOK6 Takeout - 2/5min
7) Viktoria Park - 5/9min
8) Kiez Julius Leber Brücke - 3/6min
8) EUREF Campus -7/13min
9) EUREF Campus -7/13min
10) Südkreuz - 6/10min
10) Naumann Park
11) Tempelhofer Feld - 7/15min

Centrally located and in a good neighbourhood

German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Robert Koch Institute (RKI), EUREF Campus and Schöneberger Linse, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), GASAG and Vattenfall.

Plano not only has renowned neighbours, but is also easy to reach.

Various transport hubs and stops are in the direct vicinity, such as Südkreuz with ICE (InterCity Express railway) connections and links to BER airport.

Schöneberger Linse

Schöneberger Linse, the area between Südkreuz station and Schöneberg S-Bahn station, will become an urban district with innovative developments in the coming years: An eclectic mix of residential and office properties.


Here, more than 3,500 people work, research and study in more than 150 companies, institutions and start-ups in the fields of energy, mobility and sustainability. Users include, for example, TU Berlin, BSR, BVG, Arcadis, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Deutsche Bahn, Vattenfall and the Social Science Research Centre Berlin.

Deutsche Bahn

In 2023, Deutsche Bahn will relocate approximately 1,700 employees from the digitalisation sector to the EUREF Campus.

ökologisch und ökonomisch

Ecological and economical

Connected and social, variable and individual as well as oriented to current standards of sustainability and technology.

Plano focuses on sustainable interior design and fixtures and fittings according to user requirements, ranging from individual offices to zones for hybrid meetings and kitchen lounges for creative exchange.

Healthy working environments

Light, air and natural climate: In Plano, every workplace has natural lighting due to the atrium architecture. The large windows can be opened and offer external sun protection. The natural climate and comfort are supported by heating and cooling ceiling technology.

Space for mobility

Bicycles, cars, e-bikes, cargo bikes, e-scooters and e-charging stations: Plano provides sufficient infrastructure and technical services for individual mobility. And the showers and changing rooms in the basement can be used (not only) by cyclists or joggers to get ready for the day.

Sustainable and digital

DGNB and WiredScore certifications: Plano stands for sustainable responsibility and networked communication technologies as well as fast internet and digital access control. In addition, the technical equipment, which can be adapted to individual tenant wishes, meets current standards. Cavity floors in the office spaces stand for a high degree of flexibility.

Green lungs

Space to breathe, relax and be creative: Plano offers two atriums and a roof terrace as places for breaks, green contemplation or meetings in the fresh air.

kompakt und offen...

Form and function

Communicative and compact, open and variable, quality and comfort.

At Plano, communication and teamwork is possible on up to 3,700 m²on each level – short distances, which are crucial for productivity and for working environments that place the focus on the user.

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